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11 Times Taylor Swift sang about her celebrity feuds and breakups

Since the moment Taylor Swift burst onto the scene as a teenager, she’s been singing about celebs. Whether she was reminiscing about old romance, dissing divas or bad-mouthing boyfriends, she’s always had something to say.

“Tim McGraw”

The first time we fell for Swift, she was already singing about one famous man. While the song isn’t about a breakup with the much older and very married man, it’s about how some songs remind you of past lovers. Taylor Swift captured the essence of that perfectly when she wished, “When you hear Tim McGraw/I hope you hear my favorite song/The one we danced to all night long.”

“Forever and Always” and “Last Kiss”

Remember when T-Swizzle and Joe Jonas dated? We barely do, either, since it was eight years ago. It happened, though. The first song Taylor Swift wrote about Jonas was “Forever and Always,” which she confirmed to both Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres. Many fans also believe that “Last Kiss” is about Jonas. Their biggest proof? Swift doesn’t begin singing until the 27-second mark, which she’s said was exactly how long Jonas’s breakup call lasted. That seems like a lot of effort… but not exactly an unorthodox thing to do, either.

“Back to December”

It’s a complete rumor, but many people think this jam was written about Taylor Lautner. They claim her references to “tan skin” and “sweet smile” are pointed at Lautner. While lots of the guys she’s dated have had sweet smiles, none of them has been nearly as tan as wolf-boy. He also seems like a genuinely nice dude, which goes well with the theme of the song. It’s one of the only songs in which Swift apologizes and admits she was in the wrong.


Perhaps the most bogus song rumor around. Fans swear the uber-romantic “Mine” is about the late Glee star Cory Monteith. However, there is absolutely no proof. Neither star ever confirmed they even dated and there’s very little evidence to suggest they did, either. As for lyrical connection: We scoured the lyrics and Swift’s quotes about Monteith and found nothing to link the two. We think this is just wishful thinking on the part of fans.

“Dear John”

Quite possibly the most obvious of her public throw downs, the song is clearly about John Mayer. We all knew this romance was doomed from the start, right? Swift didn’t think so. When Mayer broke her heart, she was sour enough to write a song about the experience, going so far as to call him out for being kind of a creep for dating someone who was “too young to be messed with.” Of course, that song was only the beginning of their beef and even prompted Mayer to sulk about it to Rolling Stone.

“The Last Time”

Swift’s building ballad about an unreliable dude talks about the struggle of dating someone who never puts you first. She even told NPR that the song was about a boyfriend who “you never know when he’s going to leave, you never know when he’s going to come back, but he always does come back.” Maybe people believe that sounds a lot like the life of dating a busy actor like Jake Gyllenhaal, but we have our doubts. The cute couple only lasted four months and that doesn’t seem like nearly enough time to warrant those kinds of feelings about his schedule.


While Swift never shared that the song was about Owl City’s Adam Young, the singer confirmed it on his own. While speaking to Us Weekly, he mentioned an email she sent him about being “wonderstruck” and “enchanted” when she met him. “So when that word was in the song, I was like, ‘This song has to be about me.'” Is he for real… or was he just in need of a little press?

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“I Knew You Were Trouble”

Swift never outright confirmed that the song was about One Direction member Harry Styles, but she hinted at it big time. The biggest clue came when they broke up and she tweeted the line from the song, “’till you put me down.” Yikes! Styles is a pretty face but, yeah… he does sort of look like trouble (in particular, the kind we want to be in).


If a picture is worth a thousand words, Swift has said a lot about how “Innocent” is about Kanye West. While performing the song on tour, the video screen behind the stage shows the moment when West interrupted Swift’s 2009 VMA acceptance speech.

“Bad Blood”

For once, Swift stopped singing about exes and sang about an enemy. While she’s never officially dropped Katy Perry’s name, she explained to Rolling Stone that the song was about being “straight-up enemies” with someone. Why? Because said someone tried to sabotage her arena tour. It turns out that several of Swift’s dancers left mid-tour to join Perry’s tour instead. We’re not sure it’s sabotage so much as Perry ensuring she gets the best dancers and Swift hiring some seriously disloyal staff. But, whatever.

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