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Count the Disney villains in this “Counting Stars” parody (VIDEO)

Just in time for Halloween, Disney has a creepy, fun video featuring all of its spookiest, most evil villains.

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From Maleficent and Hercules‘ Hades, to Cruella Deville and Aladdin‘s Jafar, the characters sing “Counting Scars,” a parody of OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars.” All they want to know is which villain is the most evil. Is it Scar from The Lion King? The other villains all seem to think so, but they’re not happy about it.

“Always conscious of my cred/Losing is what I dread,” laments Hades, king of the underworld from Hercules.

101 Dalmatians‘ Cruella Deville sings, “Old, but I’m not that old/Evil, but I’m not that cold,” before adding that Scar scares her.

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The villains, who span decades of classic Disney movies, both animated and live action, join together for the chorus, singing, “Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep/Dreaming about how evil I could be.

“It’s tough to climb the ladder when you’re counting Scars,” they all add at the end.

Scar himself doesn’t make an appearance until the end of the video, but once he does, you see why the other villains regard him as the most evil. With a growling voice, a creepy scar over one eye and a truly maniacal laugh, Scar really does steal the show, as long as you can get past his costume, which is admittedly weird looking and not at all lion-esque.

“Lately I’ve been, I’ve been getting sleep/Dreaming about how evil I could be/Villains, I’ve been, I’ve been trying hard/Said no more climbing ladders/I am the King Scar,” Scar sings as all the other villains dance around him.

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Is Disney’s OneRepublic parody cute or creepy? Is Scar actually the best villain? Check out the full video below and then tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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