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Watch Chris Evans grab his (and others’) left boob 9 times

The spectacular and amazing Captain America has a hilarious mannerism in which he grabs his chest when he laughs. If anyone else is within arm’s length, he grabs theirs, too. He seems to just need one to squeeze.

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This wonderful phenomenon has the internet exploding. Entire blogs are dedicated to collecting these moments and appreciating his wonderful meatball laughing and grabbing at his chest.

Chris Evans grabbing his boob again

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There it is. As if on cue, whenever he gets excited, he laughs, then looks up, then grabs.

Chris Evans laughing and grabbing chest

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Maybe he is afraid that he will laugh so hard his sculpted pecs will fall right off. Or perhaps they contain his sense of humor.

A very supportive pec grab. Go team.

Chris Evans touching people

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Evans makes his way through the Avengers by getting excited and rubbing The Hulk, Mark Ruffalo.

Chris Evans touching Mark Ruffalo

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Iron Man, Robert Downey, Jr., may not like being handed things, but even he does not seem to mind the Captain getting in close.

Chris Evans touching Robert Downey Jr

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Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth uses his godly powers to call what was about to happen.

Chris Evan grabbing

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Evans almost had it, but he was denied.

Chris Evans grabbing people

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This is my personal favorite: Evans laughing hysterically with pizza all by himself. He is perfect for the internet.

Chris Evans laughing with pizza

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And a twofer: Evans grabs his own pec both when scaring others and when being scared himself.


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