10 Reasons we love TWD‘s Gareth, as disgusting as he may be

He may have been a cannibalistic freak, but somehow we still couldn’t help but fall secretly in love with Gareth on The Walking Dead.

Warning: Major spoilers for “Four Walls and a Roof.” If you haven’t seen the episode, turn back now! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Well, it was only a matter of time before it happened and Rick fulfilled his promise to Gareth. Not only did the stalwart leader of the survivors take out Gareth just like he said he would, he did it with the exact same machete he promised would end Gareth’s life.

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Now that the leader of the Terminus people is gone, we can’t help but admit how much we really loved that fine, young cannibal.

1. He had a manly appetite

Not just because he could eat a lot, but because he ate men. See what we did there?


GIF credit: Giphy.com

2. He never backed down, even at the bitter end

Even when Rick shot off Gareth’s fingers, he still had some fight left in him. He never begged for his life, but offered up what he considered a fair deal. Not that Rick could take it, of course.


3. He led his people when they needed him

We saw how the Termites ended up being the monsters that they were and it was Gareth who took them from victims straight to the top of the food chain. Sure, his logic was flawed, but at least he stepped up when no one else did

Gareth leads GIF

GIF credit: Fansided

4. Those eyes

Come on, just look into those eyes. Behind them, you can see a guy who probably lived a very normal, average life before the apocalypse. He was the type of guy we all might have said yes to, had he asked us out for a drink.

Gareth Eyes GIF

GIF credit: CinemaBlend

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5. His biting wit

When the zombie apocalypse strikes and your people have been raped and killed and you have turned into a cannibal, it’s important to keep your sense of humor. Gareth understood that.

TWD Judith GIF

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6. He screwed with the wrong people

Sometimes you have to love people for the mistakes they make, and we have to love that Gareth and the Termites tried to control Rick and his group. He truly thought he had the upper hand, but he didn’t know Rick.

TWD trough GIF

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7. He made a great foe for Rick

Come on, seriously, how much fun was it to watch Rick go after someone as heinous as Gareth? We all love a badass, and Rick and Gareth allowed that badassery to reach epic levels.

Rick chops Gareth GIF

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8. He was a professional

Gareth and the other Termites took their jobs very seriously. They ran a very clean operation and even went so far as to have checklists for just about everything. You gotta love a man with a plan.

Gareth professional GIF

GIF credit: Giphy.com

9. He was strangely hot

This point just can’t be denied. Say what you will about his sanity, but Gareth was a good-looking nutjob. We’re not the only ones who think so, either.

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10. Loving him was wrong, but it felt right

As bad as he was and after all the terrible things he did, we couldn’t help our feelings. Sometimes it’s fun to love the bad guy, and Gareth was truly bad to the bone.

What did you think of Gareth on The Walking Dead? Will you miss him a little bit now that he’s gone?


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