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All of tonight’s The Walking Dead deaths — ranked

The Walking Dead handed out death certificates left and right in “Four Walls and a Roof,” and we’ve ranked them all from the goriest to the most heartbreaking.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen “Four Walls and a Roof,” turn back now. No, really, I mean it! Still reading? OK, consider yourself warned.

The blood always flows freely on TWD, but tonight it was downright flooding as the last of the Terminus inhabitants met their fates along with the beloved Bob. Each death was more shocking than the last, but some went beyond that and touched me in different ways. Here are each of the deaths from the episode, ranked.

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1. Most heartbreaking death: Bob

I had a feeling that Bob got himself bit in the previous episode, but then he got kidnapped and turned into a kebab by the Termites, and I thought maybe I had imagined it. Sure enough, Bob did indeed get chomped on by a walker, which led to his heartbreakingly painful demise. It’s always tough to see a lovable character go, but Bob was even harder because he and Sasha were in love. Plus, he just had a wonderful way of looking at the world, even though it had turned into a nightmare.

2. Most triumphant death: Gareth

I’m going to come right out and say it: I think Gareth is kind of hot. I know he’s a sicko and a cannibal and just an all-around awful guy, but I just can’t seem to help myself. That being said, Gareth needed to die. Like Rick said before making good on his promise, it wasn’t just about Gareth promising to leave them alone. If allowed to live, Gareth and his crew were going to keep right on turning people into meals, and Rick couldn’t let that happen. So when Rick took him out, I had to cheer — even if I will miss that handsome nut job.

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3. Most violent death: Martin

After threatening to kill Judith, I really thought Martin had already met his demise at the hands of Tyreese. But I thought it was very appropriate that Sasha was able to finish the job. She needed to unleash her anger about Bob on someone, and I can’t say I was at all sad that it was Martin who ended up as her victim. It may not have brought Bob back, but I’m betting it made her feel a tiny bit better, at least in that moment.

4. Goriest death: Unnamed Termites

I never found out the name of the Termites Abraham and Michonne beat to death with the handles of their rifles, but I simply can’t do this list without them. There was a lot of violence and gore happening in that church slaughter, and there’s no doubt those two termites got handed a good portion of it. If you don’t believe me, just watch that scene again and see how much blood splatters on the screen when Michonne and Abraham get to work.

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Which death did you find most shocking in The Walking Dead episode “Four Walls and a Roof”?

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