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Benedict Cumberbatch attempts the Beyoncé walk (VIDEO)

No one capitalizes on the nerdy charm quite like Benedict Cumberbatch.

Cumberbatch proved this perfectly when he showed off his sassiest walk during an interview on The Graham Norton Show, and we’re loving it.

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English comedian Miranda Hart was also on the show. One of the things she’s known for is her sketch on walks and the different styles of walking she’s observed in life. (Catch where this is going?)

“I think the king of all walks is when you walk purposefully in one direction,” Hart explained, “and you immediately realize you’re going in the wrong direction, but you can’t suddenly turn around because that would look really odd. And we’ve all felt that, and we all turn into something.”

Hart graciously and beautifully demonstrates.

But, of course, Norton also calls out Hart for her ultimate walk, aka the pop star walk.

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“So you have to be very careful,” Hart admitted, “because it’s sort of a one foot in front of the other walk.”

Hart demonstrated that the walk is easily done wrong and looks like you’re, “scratching an awkward itch.”

And she’s so right!

After Hart is done, the big finale arrives: It’s Cumberbatch’s turn. He struts across the stage, and we have to give him props because it doesn’t look like he’s “scratching an awkward itch.” But it does look like he’s stepping over some kind of horrible bear trap with the way his legs flail. Quickly, his awkward strut turns into an awkward dance move as he sways and pumps to “Crazy in Love” playing in the background.

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“Like that?” the actor asks, making his way around the stage.

Yup, perfect.

Watch the segment from Cumberbatch’s interview below and let us know what you think of his Beyoncé walk.

We GIF’d it for you, too (you’re welcome!)

Benedict Cumberbatch GIF

GIF credit: The Graham Norton Show/YouTube

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