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4 Reasons Manhattan Love Story shouldn’t have been cancelled

ABC announced late Friday that it’s canceling freshman romantic comedy series Manhattan Love Story, and we’re so sad to see it go.

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ABC definitely should have given this show more of a chance. Of course, networks see the ratings and cancel from there. Instead of trying to expend the effort to bolster a show’s ratings, they just ship it to the chopping block. Such is the case for Manhattan Love Story — but here’s why we think the network should have given this hidden gem more of a chance.

1. It’s relatable

I’m a 20-something dating in Los Angeles, and let me tell you: It sucks. Manhattan Love Story felt my pain. It didn’t sugarcoat the beginnings of romance. Instead, it opted to glorify all its awkwardness. And that isn’t something we should brush under the rug because, like the show told us so perfectly in the last episode, those awkward moments are often the ones that bring new couples closer the quickest.

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2. It’s clever

The inner monologues between the characters are spot on. Of course, I can’t speak for my male counterparts, but I find Dana’s thoughts to be hilariously accurate.

3. It embraced the New Adult popularity

I love that we’re seeing an influx of television and books for people in their 20s. Publishers and producers used to be unsure how to breach this age group in television. It was either for kids or for families. Everything else was kind of confusing. Luckily, we live in a generation where all those barriers are falling away, and Manhattan Love Story is one of these “edge” shows because it embraces a nontraditional audience.

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4. It’s unpredictable

Each week I have no idea if Peter and Dana are going to have sex or break up, and I love that (see No. 1). New relationships are volatile. And though these two like each other, we have no idea where it’s heading. Of course, the show is called Manhattan Love Story, but is that because Dana is falling in love with the city? Or is it because she’s falling in love with Peter? We don’t know yet, but hopefully we will find out before ABC pulls the plug on these brilliant episodes.

Are you sad Manhattan Love Story has been cancelled?

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