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PLL‘s I. Marlene King reveals bombshell A spoiler (VIDEO)

I. Marlene King came out of nowhere with the official announcement of Big A’s reveal timeline during the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special this week.

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“The identity of Big A is going to be revealed before Season 7 starts,” King, who is the executive producer and showrunner, dished. She continued, “Yeah, that’s a big scoop, that is. That’s a big scoop.”

We’re currently in the middle of Season 5, which means there is at most a season and a half left before we discover the identity of Big A. Little A was, of course, revealed as Mona (Janel Parrish) back in the Season 2 finale.

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We say, take this new information with a grain of salt. If we know anything, it’s that the Pretty Little Liars producers know how to play games almost as sneaky as Big A. And they’ve been known to tell us things and word sentences just so to make it seem like one thing until the answer is actually revealed.

For example, at PaleyFest last spring, executive producer Oliver Goldstein told us we would discover A’s identity in the near future. “Maybe not as fast as you think,” he cautioned, “but you will discover A’s identity very soon.”

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Apparently “very soon” is a relative term, since we now know that it could be almost two whole seasons after he said that.

Also, when Ezra’s game was revealed back in Season 4, producers assured us that what we’d seen was real. We, of course, took this as confirmation that he was Big A when, in fact, the game he was playing at was a novel, not destroying the liars.

Watch the clip from the Halloween special below.

Do you think I. Marlene King is telling the truth this time? Or is she just being a sneaky little liar again?

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