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13 Reasons Scandal‘s Jake Ballard is our freaking hero (in GIFs)

Jake Ballard bore the brunt of Fitz’s wrath in the latest episode of Scandal, proving once again why he’s a BAMF.

If you’re still trying to recovering from the brutal beating that Jake took in the latest episode of Scandal, we’re here to help. Sit back with a cup of coffee and clear your mind of all the bad things by reminding yourself of all the ways that Jake is one amazing man.

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1. He takes a licking but keeps on ticking

He’s been locked up in a pit and tortured by Olivia’s father and now soundly beaten by her other lover, and yet Jake always seems to get back up.

2. He’s not afraid of the most powerful man on earth

To everyone else, the president is a man not to be trifled with. But to Jake, he’s just an old friend who also sleeps with his girlfriend, and Jake is never afraid to stand up to him.

Scandal Jake vs Fitz

GIF credit:

3. He protects the ones he loves

If Jake was your boyfriend, you’d never have to worry about anything ever again. You could sleep peacefully knowing that he’d kill anything and anyone who ever tried to hurt you.

Dean This GIF

GIF credit:

4. He’s not afraid of anything

Seriously, have you ever once seen the man afraid? Maybe he’s shown concern over Olivia when she was in danger, but fear has never shown in his eyes.

Whoop Ass GIFGIF credit:

5. He doesn’t back down to anyone

Whether it’s the president or the father of his girlfriend (who also happens to be the leader of the organization that put him in a hole for months), Jake doesn’t ever let anyone intimidate him.

Scandal Jake GIF

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6. He’s sexy as all hell

Have you seen the man with his shirt off? Case closed.

Scandal Jake shirtless

GIF credit: Buzzfeed

7. He’s a fantastic kisser

Admit it, you know you’ve watched him kiss Olivia and wished you were in her shoes.

Jake and Olivia

Image: ABC

8. He’s into sports

Sure, we’ve only seen him play basketball against Fitz, but we’re confident Jake is great at any sport he picks up.

Scandal - Jake and Fitz basketball GIF

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9. He’s loyal

Once Jake gives you his loyalty, that’s it. The only way you can lose it is if you are a heinous person (Command, we’re looking at you) who deserves to lose it.

Yes GIF GIF credit:

10. He’s a badass

Jake knows everything there is to know about combat and can whip just about anyone’s butt. He’s also a cold-blooded killer — but only when he needs to be.

Scandal Jake job GIF

GIF credit: Buzzfeed

11. He’s kindhearted

Remember that time Jake shot James, but then sat with him until he died, reassuring the poor guy that he wasn’t alone and his daughter would be safe? That’s called heart, and Jake has it in spades.

12. He’s funny

With all the terrible things Jake has had to do, he still manages to make us laugh with his wry sense of humor. He really is the whole package.

Laugh GIF

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13. He’ll take you away to an island

Jake didn’t hesitate to go with Olivia to her island escape when she needed it, and we have no doubt he would have stayed with her forever. That’s a great guy, right there.

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