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Kirk Cameron is the Grinch who stole Halloween

Kirk Cameron is at it again. He’s ready to rock Hollywood with his latest take on one of the most popular holidays of the year: Halloween.

The former Growing Pains star definitely wants fellow Christians to participate in the holiday, but in a different way this year. He thinks that religious followers “should have the biggest Halloween party on your block.”

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He explained to The Christian Post, “The real origins have a lot to do with All Saints’ Day and All Hallows’ Eve. If you go back to old church calendars, especially Catholic calendars, they recognize the holiday All Saints’ Day, with All Hallows’ Eve the day before, when they would remember the dead. That’s all tied in to Halloween.”

Cameron also pointed out that Halloween has become a day of making fun of people, not honoring them.

He questioned, “When you go out on Halloween and see all people dressed in costumes and see someone in a great big bobble head Obama costume with great big ears and an Obama face, are they honoring him or poking fun?”

The dad of six then answered his own question by saying, “They are poking fun at him.”

Kirk Cameron proudly wears the Christian actor label

The Fireproof actor goes into detail about how Christians should be celebrating the day death was defeated. He believes the holiday has been hijacked by non-believers.

“Over time you get some pagans who want to go, ‘This is our day, high holy day of Satanic church,’ that this is all about death, but Christians have always known since the first century that death was defeated, that the grave was overwhelmed, that ghosts, goblins, devils are foolish has-beens who used to be in power but not anymore. That’s the perspective Christians should have,” he said.

Cameron wants churchgoers to have a blast this Halloween, but do it in a different way for all of the world to see.

He summed up, “You should have the biggest party on your block, and you should have the reason for everyone to come to your house and before anyone else’s house because yours is the most fun. Halloween gives you a great opportunity to show how Christians celebrate the day that death was defeated, and you can give them Gospel tracts and tell the story of how every ghost, goblin, witch and demon was trounced the day Jesus rose from the grave. Clearly no Christians ought to be glorifying death, because death was defeated, and that was the point of All Hallows’ Eve.”

Happy Halloween, Kirk!

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