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Kendra on Top: Hank admits he did something wrong — sort of

After Jessica dropped the bombshell last week on Kendra on Top that Hank revealed “what really happened,” Kendra was left reeling. In the most shocking episodes yet, this week sees Kendra and Hank have a dramatic confrontation that sends her to urgent care.

The week starts off in pretty dramatic fashion.

Hank addresses “the allegations”

Wilkinson is sitting in the kitchen waiting for Baskett to come home from another business trip. Although she seems eerily calm at first — trading small talk with him about his trip — things escalate when she says, “Jessica told me…”

Without any further explanation, Baskett’s head goes down and he appears distraught. And, well, that only seems to infuriate his wife more.

When she asks him if he cheated on her, he responds, “I did not do what the allegations said.” He continues to use that specific, strangely formal wording as they argue. Could it be that Baskett is using that phrasing to admit guilt without expressly admitting guilt?

SheKnows dating and relationship expert Andrea Syrtash says it’s a very real possibility.

“It is possible that Hank is using this specific formal language to avoid telling the truth. In other words, there may be details in the allegations that are not true, so by saying ‘these allegations are not true,’ he may feel he’s not lying — even if certain aspects of the allegations happened,” said Syrtash.

Unfortunately for Baskett, so much of what he says during his confrontation with Wilkinson seems to suggest he did, in fact, do something wrong. He claims that he “talked to Kyle because I opened up to him man-to-man.”

Kendra taps into her pent-up anger

When Wilkinson takes offense at the fact that Baskett confided in someone other than his wife, he responds, “I can’t say it now, but I swear to God these allegations are not true” and, later, “I will tell you in time.” (Say what? Tell her what?)

According to Syrtash, Baskett actions are hurting his case more than helping it.

“The old expression goes, ‘People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing,'” she explained. “At this point, Hank should offer up as much evidence as he can to support his case and try to rebuild his wife’s trust. Instead of being defensive, he should be open to answering very specific questions so they could move on together or apart. Failing to share details won’t serve their relationship.”

Clearly, Wilkinson wasn’t a fan of Baskett’s cryptic responses either. As the argument becomes more heated, Wilkinson screams at Baskett. At one point, she grabs a trophy inscribed with “Best Husband and Father” she’d had made for him.

“You ain’t no father anymore, motherf***er!” she shouted as he wrestled the glass trophy from her — but not before she managed to slice her hand. As Baskett ducks out, trying to skirt the camera crew, Wilkinson heads to the local urgent care.

Luckily, the lacerations on her hand were superficial and didn’t require much medical attention.

Kendra opens up in therapy

The second episode picks up a few days after Wilkinson threw Baskett out. Wilkinson gets a call from her bestie, Jessica Hall, who wants to have lunch with her. Also at the lunch? Jessica’s husband Kyle, whom Baskett now infamously confided in.

But first, therapy.

While speaking to her therapist, Wilkinson makes an interesting comment. She says, “My trust is destroyed. He worked his ass off for five years to make sure I trusted him.”

Hmm. Couldn’t the fact that Baskett had to work so hard to earn Wilkinson’s trust have been a red flag that there was trouble in the relationship on either or both sides?

Absolutely, says Syrtash. “Couples shouldn’t test each other to make sure their partners are being truthful unless trust has been broken. The hope is that a foundation of trust is built through time and experience,” she said.

“Whenever a relationship feels like it’s on shaky ground, chances are there were clues signaling the same issue or red flags at another point in time,” Syrtash continued. “Nobody should work ‘so hard’ to gain their partner’s trust and respect unless they have betrayed their loved one or done something to make their partner lose confidence.”

Wilkinson’s therapist suggests that perhaps Wilkinson is using Baskett as a scapegoat to unload all of her insecurities and frustrations about her own father — aka the girl’s got daddy issues — which prompts some deep introspection on Wilkinson’s part.

Kyle comes to Hank’s defense

Her self-reflection carries her right through lunch, during which Kyle tells her, “I think it’s difficult for him to tell you right now, and he’s thinking about how he’s going to tell you. But I will tell you there are two sides to every story.”

And while Kyle won’t spill explicit details, he does say that he wouldn’t be there speaking with Wilkinson if he didn’t believe Baskett is a “true, honest, good father and good husband.”

Through therapy and talking to Jessica and Kyle, Kendra comes to the realization that she hadn’t been allowing Hank to really talk to her or open up to her.

But how helpful can her accepting this and working to fix it really be if Hank doesn’t meet her halfway by telling her the truth?

“Both parties need to dialogue openly and honestly if they want to make a breakthrough and rebuild. A relationship isn’t unilateral,” said Syrtash. “Both parties need to step up and do the work if they want to change.”

What do you think? Did this week seem to cement Hank’s guilt? Do you think he will take therapy seriously and tell Kendra what really happened? Check out a sneak peek from next week here.

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