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Taylor Swift sets up the perfect alibi for murder (VIDEO)

Is it her biggest fear or a brilliant setup for a defense? Only one thing is for certain: A legion of ex-boyfriends and frenemies had better watch their backs.

Taylor Swift is definitely not plotting the untimely demise of a certain boy band member she may or may not have written one or more songs about, and certainly not planning an unfortunate accident to befall a candy-colored pop queen who dated one of her own exes. Nope. In fact, if anything tragic should befall either of those people and fingers start pointing at Swift, we can rest assured it is all a setup.

The “Shake It Off” singer told Ellen DeGeneres being framed for murder is her biggest fear. Biggest fear or extremely convenient alibi?

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Is Swift setting up the perfect defense? We can hear her legal team now: “Our client knew this would happen — see, she told Ellen about this fear months ago! She was framed, obviously! The sea urchin did it!”

But if she does wind up behind bars, it might not be as dire as she predicts.

“I think you would even have fans in prison and they would take care of you,” DeGeneres assured her.

So if Swift’s frenemies start dropping like flies, it is definitely not her killing them, all right guys? She is totally being set up and was really just sitting at home petting her cats and sharpening her knives, which she will be using for Pinterest-worthy crafting only and definitely not to stab anyone to death.

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