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Chrissy Teigen thinks Instagram users are nicer than Twitterers

Chrissy Teigen is totally over all the meanies on Twitter, so she’s marching straight over to Instagram where she thinks people will play nicer.

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Teigen felt the wrath of Twitter on Thursday, after breaking the cardinal rule of keeping things neutral in social interactions: Don’t talk about religion or politics. After making a comment about gun control, Teigen became the victim of backlash so hateful, the model announced that she will be taking her “talents to Instagram.”

The controversy started over a tweet Teigen posted on Wednesday regarding the tragic shooting that took place at the Canadian parliament. Teigen’s tweet was meant to be benign, but ruffled some feathers because some perceived it to be anti-American in nature. It also might have been a little bit “too soon” for anyone to be making a joke out of the situation. Things escalated quickly and Teigen attempted to explain herself, though she offered no apology for her comments.

The comments aimed at Teigen became extremely malicious and ranged from death threats towards her, to homophobic slurs made about her husband, John Legend.

Teigen attempted to change the Twitter conversation, but then began to retweet some of the horrible comments she was receiving. She also seemed to be pointing a finger at Twitter itself for not being more vigilant in regulating threatening posts when she posted a screenshot of death threats with the caption, “And this is where @twitter needs to step their game up.”

Then she just threw in the towel.

We hope that Teigen finds the peace she wants on Instagram, but if she thinks people are nicer or comments are more policed over there, she’s got another thing coming. Hatemongers hide behind their keyboards on all forms of social media, be it Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and as illustrated by the recent Snoop Dogg/Iggy Azalea feud, no one is safe from internet bullying anywhere.

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Teigen made the public “I’m quitting” statement, but didn’t deactivate her account, so something tells us she’ll be back as soon as she finds the grass isn’t greener over on Instagram.

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