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Keira Knightley is bringing lust and an affair to Broadway

Keira Knightley is set to make her Broadway debut this October in The Roundabout Theatre Company’s version of Thérèse Raquin.

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The story, based on the 1867 classic by Émile Zola, tells the story of a young woman who is trapped in a loveless marriage with her sickly cousin and so begins an affair with one of her husband’s alluring friends, which leads to tragic consequences. It is described as “a tale of love, lust, betrayal and guilt,” according to BBC News.

Knightley, of course, will play the title role.

Though Thérèse Raquin has been seen on stage and in film numerous times, it was most recently made into a movie called In Secret starring Elizabeth Olsen. The most recent adaptation of the novel for the Broadway stage was written by Helen Edmundson, who also adapted Coram Boy and War and Peace.

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It’s surprising when you hear that Knightley has yet to grace Broadway with her presence, especially given her varied history on London stages. She previously appeared in The Misanthrope and The Children’s Hour.

Of course, it isn’t as surprising when you find out it isn’t for lack of desire or trying, but a lack of time.

Knightley wanted to take The Children’s Hour to Broadway but couldn’t work out scheduling with her costar Elisabeth Moss.

“We tried to make it happen,” Knightley confessed to The Advocate. “It was a real shame, because it would be great doing it on Broadway.”

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Knightley is also keeping busy with her film career. Her next film, The Imitation Game, will be released before the end of the year and is already garnering award buzz. The World War II drama also stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a mathematician who helps crack the Enigma code. It will hit theaters Nov. 21.

Thérèse Raquin will open on the Broadway stage Oct. 29. The specific stage has yet to be announced.

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