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Miss Kyle Chandler? You can binge-watch him on a new Netflix show soon

Netflix has released a mysterious trailer for its new series Bloodline and we’ve got eight reasons why we’re betting you’re going to love it.

1. Binge-watch, baby

This series is being released on Netflix, so you know what that means: Binge-watch, baby! You won’t have to wait a week between each episode to find out what happens next. You can get cuddly in your jammies, grab your favorite snacks and watch the whole thing in one day if you feel like it.

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2. Kyle Chandler

Come on, it’s Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights! Do we really need to say anything more than that? He’s in it, you love him, you’ll watch. That is all.

3. Sam Shepard and Sissy Spacek

The show already has Chandler, but then we saw Shepard’s name appear and we got even more excited. But then we saw Spacek’s name and we were ecstatic. This show has not just one acting legend, but two.

4. OK, the entire cast

How can we name off cast members like Chandler, Shepard and Spacek but leave off others like Jacinda Barrett, Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini and the rest? Take a look at the video and see who else is involved. We guarantee the rest of the cast will have you just as excited.

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5. Mystery, mystery, mystery

Right now there’s almost no information about this series. There’s no synopsis, no description on Netflix’s site, nothing under the trailer. All we have is what we can pull from the video, which is just that there’s a boat and a fire and something bad that will happen. It’s not much, but it’s enough to get us excited.

6. Good people doing bad things

From the preview we know that there are some good people who did a bad thing. We can assume that bad thing has to do with the burning boat, which has got our curiosity going. Who doesn’t like to see what happens when good people are forced into a situation where they have to do something bad? Is it a matter of life and death or something more ambiguous like keeping a secret to protect a loved one? We’ll have to wait and see.

7. It’s something to look forward to in spring

According to Netflix, all episodes of Bloodline will be released in March 2015. So that gives you something to look forward to after what could end up being a long winter. Who knows, if they release it around St. Patrick’s Day, maybe you can wear green while watching it. A day of binge-watching with green beer — that sounds like a pretty good day to us.

8. It comes from the creators of Damages

Love the show Damages? Chances are you’ll love this show too, as it comes from the same people who created that series. There’s no way to tell if it will be similar at all, but one thing’s for certain: with creators like that it will be full of drama.

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Do you plan to watch Bloodline the moment it premieres on Netflix in 2015?

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