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Minnie Driver shares her views on ‘desperate’ showbiz parents

Minnie Driver wants the world to know she is against allowing children to work in showbiz, and that any parent who allows their kid to do so is “desperate and conflicted.”

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During a recent interview with Us Weekly, the mom-of-one shared her feelings on allowing kids to work in the industry.

“I’m not really for the whole kids in show business thing,” Driver explained.

The About a Boy actress, who works alongside 14-year-old costar Benjamin Stockham in the hit series, has some strong opinions. However, she is willing to back them up, as she continued to explain her reasons to the magazine.

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“It’s really difficult even when you meet lovely parents of children who are in show business,” Driver said. “There is still the fact that they’re not having a childhood. They are out of their element, and in the element of an adult world, which is not always appropriate. It seems to me there is always a certain level of desperation that makes a person put a child in that position.”

Driver continued to detail how she used the parents of child stars as inspiration for her character in her new film Beyond the Lights — in which she plays the role of Macy Jean, an unpleasant Hollywood momager — which has further affected her views on children in the limelight.

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Explaining the character profile of a stage parent, she said, “That’s an interesting place to start for a character: Someone who’s desperate and conflicted. And if that’s overshadowing everything else, it doesn’t matter how nice or kind or empathetic they may be elsewhere. The overriding thing is quite fierce.”

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