Hugh Jackman strips for Kelly Ripa (VIDEO)

Are Hugh in or are Hugh out?

That was the hilarious question Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan posed to Hugh Jackman on Live! with Kelly and Michael Tuesday morning. The segment included topics like skinny-dipping (he’s in), tattoos (he’s out) and googling himself (he’s out).

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Each answer also resulted in Jackman removing one article of clothing.

“Oh, how the audience has turned on you, Hugh,” Ripa teased the actor, who got booed after nearly taking his shirt off, but then psyched the audience out and removed his watch instead.

“You scared him, by the way, with your cheering,” Ripa counseled the audience. “Now, wait until he is nude to cheer.”

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She was, by far, the most excited to see Jackman remove his clothing and accessories. At one point, she did a little bounce up and down in her chair, smiling ear to ear.

The best topic the hosts asked Jackman about was Speedos. Hugh’s out. But he did give us a very nice flash of his Calvins, thank you very much.

Unfortunately, that’s about as Magic Mike XXL as the interview got. It was pretty tame, unless you have a foot fetish. In his frantic search for more accessories to take off before he moved on to clothing, Jackman was almost willing to go as far as removing his wedding ring!

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While Ripa seemed ready to keep the game going for the entire show (or, at least, until Jackman was naked), Strahan took them to a commercial break before things could get even more awkward for the poor actor.

Watch a clip of the segment below.


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