Jordin Sparks puts a ring on it… just not her finger

Jordin Sparks has a new body modification, but it’s not permanent like a tattoo, thank goodness.

Jordin Sparks works Vegas red carpet in a bikini

The fresh-faced songstress, who is hot off her breakup with fellow musician, Jason Derulo, is sporting a new septum piercing and she debuted the new bling on Instagram Wednesday.

Sparks posted an extremely close-up black and white picture of herself in which the hoop is clearly seen pierced through the middle of the cartilage in her nose. She plays it cool, though, not making mention of the jewelry and captioning the post with a simple, “I’m about to be wiiiiiide awake on this redeye.”

A couple hours after her new look was revealed, Sparks posted another photo of herself looking silly. At first glance, it seems that she had already gotten over her piercing and had taken it out, but the caption shot that theory down. “Wide awake!! Aaaaand just like that, it disappears! I love the versatility of this piercing. Can’t wait to get a cuter ring. :).”

While we remain totally supportive of Sparks while she is going through her undoubtedly emotionally draining breakup, we have to admit that we’re kind of glad that the piercing is so easily hidden. The “Battlefield” singer looks gorgeous, no matter what she wears or does to her face, but this look just doesn’t quite seem like her style.

It’s not shocking for Sparks to do something a little out of character. It’s pretty common for people to get tattoos, new hairdos or make some kind of radical alteration to their appearance while going through a major life change. Sparks also hinted recently that she’s ready to move on by revealing her huge celeb crush, so maybe this is the final nail in the coffin of her toxic relationship and she’s ready to put the whole Derulo debacle behind her for good.


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