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Studly Bill Murray proves why he doesn’t need dating apps (VIDEO)

Bill Murray’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, Oct. 21, left us feeling particularly amused because he has finally decided to speak about the online dating app Tinder, and whether he’ll ever use it.

Murray appeared on late-night TV to promote his new film St. Vincent, but Kimmel decided to bring up the dating app (out of nowhere). However, we’re super-glad that he did because the Lost in Translation star’s response had us in stitches.

Bill Murray might be the most elusive man in Hollywood

But ladies, before you all head to Tinder to create a dating profile with the hopes of connecting with Mr. Murray, you’d better hear his views on online dating first.

Speaking of Tinder (which he happens to be well-versed in) Murray explained to Kimmel, “I think it could be amusing, but I can’t imagine doing it particularly.”

The reason? Murray doesn’t have any trouble picking up chicks in the real world, and he proved it while on the talk show.

Bill Murray’s presence was the only wedding gift George Clooney got

“I feel like I’ve lived that life, and I can live that life at any moment,” he explained, before hitting on a cameraman in the audience.

“I can just sort of say, ‘Hey you, with the camera. No, you. Come here,'” he said. “Dammit, I’m coming your way.”

And with that, the cameraman was pulled from behind the camera and onto the stage, where Murray had fun teasing him.

Bill Murray’s life advice might be a little too optimistic

“Well, he blushes easily,” Murray quipped. “We’re never going to get to a lot of the good stuff!”

Bill Murray’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live is definitely worth a watch. See the video below.

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