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‘Shia LaBeouf’ Live is either really weird or awesome — OK, it’s both (VIDEO)

So many amazing things are happening in this video, you’re going to want to watch it twice!

Shia LaBeouf has had an especially rough year, with his public feud with Alec Baldwin during the rehearsal for the play Orphans, his “I’m not famous anymore” appearance and his recent arrest for drunkenly disturbing a Broadway performance of Cabaret. Things could be turning around for the troubled actor, however, all thanks to the internet-famous musician Rob Cantor.

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Cantor wrote a hilarious send-up of the actor titled “Shia LaBeouf,” in which the actor is a cannibal, in 2012. The song took on a life of its own, leading to this amazing music video featuring the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir and the Argus Quartet.

And as if that trio of talent wasn’t enough, the video also features modern dancers, acrobats on silks and giant papier-mâché heads! There’s even a special celebrity appearance at the end that left us agog with the giggles.

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The video is seriously hilarious, describing a nightmarish situation in which LaBeouf is “an actual cannibal” on a rampage with lyrics that include, “Running for your life (from Shia LaBeouf.) He’s brandishing a knife. (It’s Shia LaBeouf.) Lurking in the shadows… Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf!”

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Cantor made headlines earlier this summer with his hit YouTube video “Perfect,” in which he convinced viewers he was singing the original song as 28 different celebrities. Cantor later confessed that he had hired 11 independent artists to do the impressions that Cantor later lip-synched to.

Check out the hilarious video below, and no, we won’t judge you for watching it twice — we can’t get enough of it either!

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