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Hey, Monica Lewinsky: Piers Morgan says you are definitely not blameless

Piers Morgan has never been afraid to share his opinion and he decided to do so once again when he commented on Monica Lewinsky and her speech from the Forbes Under 30 Summit, in which she spoke about the public shaming and the media backlash stemming from her affair with former President Bill Clinton.

Writing for the Daily Mail Online, Morgan revealed that although he agrees with Lewinksy’s message on anti-bullying and the fact that the internet can be a vile place, she still got what she deserved (with regards to her share of blame).

“I absolutely agree with Monica that something must be done to stem this tide of filth,” he wrote. “Social media giants like Twitter and Facebook need to radically and speedily change their current laissez faire attitude to a growing, despicable menace.

“Where I find myself at odds with Ms. Lewinsky, however, is her claim that she, personally, was ‘shamed’ by the internet,” he wrote.

The former CNN host went on to explain his feelings, saying, “I fear the egg has rather raced past the chicken here.

“If you’re a 22-year-old intern working at the White House and you embark on an affair with your married President, then most people would probably say the shame-ometer probably starts right there and then.”

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Morgan stated that while he doesn’t care at all about what happened behind closed doors with Lewinsky and Clinton, his objection to her speech was not based on “any moral outrage over her deceitful behaviour 20 years ago. It’s based on her extraordinary self-deceit now.”

The British journalist made the point that it was not the internet that had committed the shameful act; she did that all on her own, thanks to lust.

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“It wasn’t the internet that shamed you, Monica; it was your predilection, like Bill Clinton’s, for illicit cigar-fuelled lust in the world’s most powerful room. You were 22, not 16. And you both knew you were playing with the kind of fire that destroys forests in the Californian summer,” Morgan continued.

“He should shoulder the lion’s share of responsibility because he was a much older man and unlike you, he was married. But you’re not blameless and in your heart, you know that.”

Tell us what you think: Is Piers Morgan right about Monica Lewinsky?

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