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Downton Abbey promo ablaze with jaw-dropping plot twists

The newest trailer for Downton Abbey Season 5 reveals a few more details about the upcoming season. Check out the video to see the fiery facts.

Last month, when the first trailer for the new season was revealed, we were able to learn a few things — including the fact that Lord Grantham would catch someone in an affair.

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The latest trailer for Season 5 expands a little bit on the facts we learned in the first trailer while fleshing out a couple more. Here are a few things that we could glean from the 30-second video.

In the new trailer, Lady Edith isn’t just talking about any old secret. She’s talking about a bad one. That sounds properly ominous, doesn’t it? Could she be talking about more than just her hidden pregnancy? Probably not, considering how people reacted to that sort of thing back then.

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Lady Edith better watch out, because the trailer also revealed that Thomas is going to be doing everything he possibly can, including making threats, to get to the bottom of what everyone is hiding. We’re not experts, but something tells us it’s better for people to reveal things in their own time rather than have their deepest secrets revealed for them.

Another fact revealed in the trailer is that a fire will rage through the Crawley home. It’s unclear just how much damage there will be, but chances are it could be pretty bad. It’s not like they can just dial 911 and have a fire truck out there in a matter of minutes like we modern folks can. Even if the fire is limited to a few rooms, it could still be a devastating loss for a family who already suffers from some money issues.

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Check out the trailer and see what details you can pull from it. Did you spot anything we missed?

Downton Abbey Season 5 premieres on Jan. 4, 2015, on PBS.

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