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Shia LaBeouf might have plans to make Brad Pitt his husband

Shia LaBeouf is on the mend, and that may all be thanks to his husband… uh, what?

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LaBeouf recently revealed that working on his latest film Fury has been a particularly healthy experience because he made a great friend and found great admiration in Brad Pitt.

Speaking to Us Weekly at the London, England, premiere of the film, LaBeouf revealed that Angelina Jolie may have some competition when it comes to her husband’s affections.

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“I never looked at him like a father figure. He’s like my husband. I’m his wife. He’s daddy, I’m mommy,” Shia said jokingly of his relationship with Pitt. “That’s what we were in the tank and that’s how it is still.”

The star went on to describe their characters in the film, saying, “He’s very paternal, but he’s also an equal. I don’t want to paint him as the old guy in the tank because that’s not who he is. He’s on the same level as all of us, he just has a lot of wisdom.”

So, did Pitt play along with the husband joke? Um, not quite.

The dad-of-six explained to the mag that he had a rather paternal instinct when it came to the guys on the set of the war drama. In fact, he claims the film has made him a better father.

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“[I have] a real understanding with the guys,” Pitt told Us Weekly before listing the reasons why: “Knowing when they need to vent, knowing when they need to be put in line, knowing when they need to be inspired… to feel where they are, where their moral is (sic), and where they are mentally.”

“And I found that transfers to my children,” Pitt added. Could he get anymore perfect?

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