Lena Dunham really shouldn’t have a driver’s license

Lena Dunham has revealed that her biggest fear isn’t being naked on Girls, but it is something a lot of people find terrifying.

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“I’m really, really scared of driving,” Dunham admitted during her appearance on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Luckily for Dunham and the rest of the city of Los Angeles, the actress isn’t out swerving through the streets. She doesn’t even have her driver’s license.

The actress said that while she lives in New York City now, she did call Los Angeles home for about six months in the “pre-Uber” days. “I mean, I was mistaken for a prostitute twice,” said Dunham, who joked about trying to bum rides.

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That drove her (pun intended) to get her license. Dunham shared that she took driver’s education classes but failed her driving test and decided to let that be that.

“Not everyone is supposed to be a mother and not everyone is supposed to drive,” Dunham said. “And there is so much societal pressure. It doesn’t make total sense. I know from the bottom of my soul that if I were to have a license I would hurt somebody.”

“Well, good that you know that. And good that we know that,” DeGeneres replied.

Sounds like New York City is the place for Dunham to be.

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While driving does terrify Dunham, her provocative scenes in Girls don’t. In fact, she’s completely comfortable without her clothes on.

“This isn’t my area of fear. I feel like I’m always getting all of these props for being brave, and I’m like, ‘I didn’t do anything brave. I feel totally cool about being naked.'”

Other things Dunham finds potentially scary: hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, going to a CrossFit gym and talking to Charlie Sheen.

Watch the clip from the interview below.



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