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Leslie Jones is getting the ultimate Saturday Night Live promotion

Leslie Jones is SNL‘s latest new cast member.

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The comedian has been promoted from her previous position as a writer on the show, which she’s only held since earlier this year. It sounds like someone made some hilarious waves within the company and quickly.

Jones happily took to Twitter to announce the news.

Of course, SNL is known for starting potential cast members as writers and quickly moving them up the totem pole. New Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che was also a writer before he became a cast member.

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Though she wasn’t previously an official cast member, Jones has appeared on the air for SNL before. She appeared on Weekend Update here and there and even made quite the stir with a skit she did on slavery during her very first appearance.

“Back in my slave days, my love life would have been way better,” Jones said during the sketch. “Master would have hooked me up with the best brother on the plantation and every nine months I’d be in the corner having a super-baby. Every nine months, I’d be in the corner just popping them out. Shaq! Kobe! LeBron!”

Her comments received a lot of backlash. People were offended due to the history of sexual abuse among slaves, which has historically been ignored.

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Jones disagreed and posted a lengthy response on Twitter, explaining, “I said nothing about rape you f***ing morons. I was talking about being match (sic) to another strong brother. Not being rape (sic) by white man. What part of this joke that wasn’t true? I would have been used for breeding straight up. That’s my reality.”

Watch the full controversial skit below.

Jones makes her first appearance as an official cast member this Saturday on NBC.

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