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Julia Roberts plans to be George Clooney’s new marital advisor

The problem with being the world’s most eligible bachelor is that your friends are likely married (with kids) years before you. For George Clooney, it seems that his friends are ready to offer him all kinds of marriage advice.

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Julia Roberts and Clooney have been friends for years, and she has some life advice to give to her suddenly off-the-market friend.

“We’ve spoken many times since he’s gone from a bridegroom to a husband,” Roberts told Access Hollywood, joking that she would be helping him with his relationship from now on. “I’ll be advising George Clooney on his marital life. I’ll get right on that!”

Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s romance was a whirlwind — they were engaged in April 2014 and married only a few months later, in September. It looks like Roberts approves of Clooney’s bride. She only had one piece of advice for the new husband: “Well, the only advice for that is finding your person — and he’s found his person.”

Roberts and Clooney first starred together in Ocean’s Eleven back in 2001 and Ocean’s Twelve in 2004, and they have been friends ever since. She has been married to Danny Moder for 12 years now, so she seems to be the marriage veteran of her social group. Roberts has nothing but good things to say about the couple.

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“She is beautiful and smart, and he is happy,” Roberts recently told Ellen DeGeneres. “And that’s what matters to me.”

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