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Buffy star heading to rehab after embarrassing incident

Nicholas Brendon, who is best known for playing Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is heading to rehab after an inappropriate outburst in a hotel lobby landed the actor in handcuffs.

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According to TMZ, Brendon was in Boise, Idaho, for a Comic-Con event. Officers were called to his hotel after witnesses complained of a disturbance in the lobby between the actor and hotel staff. Apparently, Brendon broke a decorative dish and the hotel wanted to press charges. When Brendon wouldn’t stay seated so police could question witnesses, Brendon ended the night in jail. He was released a few hours later after being charged with one count of causing “malicious injury to property.”

Brendon’s rep was quick to comment on the situation, saying, “It would be extremely helpful if we could all put this misunderstanding behind us and focus on more positive things.” He also added that Brendon wanted to apologize to those involved for his inappropriate behavior.

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And on Monday, the actor posted a message on his Facebook page stating that he was seeking help.

“For the past 5 days, I have been taking prescription pain medication to help me manage a cyst behind my knee cap, which is scheduled for corrective surgery on Monday morning. I made the poor decision to mix this prescribed medication with alcohol. The result was embarrassing and unacceptable.” Brendon’s post continued, “I intend to seek appropriate treatment and therapy for my medical ailments as well as my emotional demons.”

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It sounds like, possibly, this isn’t an isolated incident for Brendon if he’s so quick to seek help following the lapse in judgement. We just hope he gets the help he needs and starts acting a little more like Xander and a little less like the bloodsuckers he used to stake on the show.

Read Brendon’s full apology statement below.

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