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Want to make Nicki Minaj really mad? Steal her pen

We love Nicki Minaj, but it’s a good thing she made it big in the music industry. She was truly terrible at her previous job!

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In a new interview for GQ‘s November issue, the booty-shaking hitmaker revealed that she once had at a job as a waitress at Red Lobster. She got fired for her not-so-great personal skills. Uh, so, what happened?

The “Star Ships” rapper was canned after “she followed a couple who had taken her pen into the parking lot and then flipped them the bird.”

Hmm. Did she get so angry because it was her favorite pen or something? Think again.

“No, it was the principle,” Minaj told the magazine.

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She went on to explain that she also had another job in the customer service industry — as a customer service rep for a company in New York City — but you can imagine that that didn’t go too well, either.

“I like dealing with people, but I don’t really like a lot of bullshit, so maybe customer service wasn’t the best job for me,” she admitted.

Luckily for Minaj, she’s found a career that definitely agrees with her, and she’s enjoying great success with her latest track, “Anaconda.” All that big booty-shaking and drumming on dancers’ butts going on in the “Anaconda” music video has also been causing a stir. How does Minaj feel about her steamy video?

When asked by GQ to explain the video, Minaj was actually left a little lost for words.

“I don’t know what there is to really talk about. I’m being serious. I just see the video as being a normal video,” she explained.

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When pressed for more of an explanation, she said, “I think the video is about what girls do. Girls love being with other girls, and when you go back to us being younger, we would have slumber parties and we’d be dancing with our friends.”

Of her character in the video, Minaj revealed, “She is just talking about two guys that she dated in the past and what they’re good at and what they bought her and what they said to her. It’s just cheeky, like a funny story.”

She’s right — it definitely is cheeky (pun intended)!

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