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3 Shocking things Olivia Munn wants you to know about elephant cruelty

Olivia Munn has joined the movement to help a circus elephant named Nosey and wrote a letter to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) addressing their refusal to take action against the cruelties to the animal.

In her fight to help Nosey, Munn has discovered the cruelties that many circus elephants endure during their training process. She has discovered three main ailments the animal is enduring under the care of circus exhibitor Hugo “Tommy” Liebel.

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These are the shocking things Nosey has been experiencing during her alleged abused circus life.

Lameness. Nosey is clearly in pain, which is why she displays symptoms of lameness while she performs. She is slow and hardly able to perform her circus tricks.

Arthritis. The elephant’s lameness is largely in part due to her arthritis. “Nosey is showing signs of crippling arthritis, which is one of the main reasons why captive elephants are euthanized.”

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Being forced to work after exposure to tuberculosis. According to PETA, Nosey tested positive for exposure to tuberculosis, which can be transmitted to humans, but instead of being treated she was forced to continue working. The USDA investigated the issue but did not prosecute.

While the USDA is aware of PETA’s complaint on Nosey’s condition, they maintain that there is no open investigation into the matter. They say that they can’t confiscate the animal unless she is suffering and her caretaker is not doing anything to alleviate her.

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“In the instance of Nosey, the owner is working with [the] USDA to obtain an expert evaluation,” a USDA rep explained. “Arthritis is also not a condition that would normally require confiscation. While we understand that there are people concerned over Nosey performing with arthritis, there is no regulation that states she cannot perform as long as it is not restricted by her veterinarian.”

Meanwhile, Munn insists that the USDA’s own records show that Nosey has been exploited, mistreated and neglected her entire life.

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