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6 Sexy things in Jason Momoa’s GOT audition that make us miss him

How could George R.R. Martin take Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) away from us on Game of Thrones?

Momoa‘s audition tape was just released online, and it makes us mourn that sexy Dothraki, and there are plenty of reasons why.

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1. He looks good no matter what he’s doing

Imagine seeing a guy doing these movements and chants on the streets. You would probably run away. And fast. But watch Momoa in the moment, and we say he can keep going all day. As long as we get to watch.

2. He has confidence

That chant Momoa is going for in the video actually isn’t Dothraki. It’s an ancestral war cry, according to CBS News. The dance moves he’s mimicking are associated with New Zealand’s Maori people. Clearly, Momoa took the time to practice and wasn’t messing around with his all-out performance.

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3. He was destined to play Khal Drogo

He can speak Dothraki to us anytime he wants. If he was already able to master the character for the audition, it’s no wonder he landed the role.

4. He’s not concerned about looking cool

Standing and chanting in that audition room had to be so awkward. But Momoa goes for it without hesitation and it’s fantastic. Sure it’s a little silly, but that’s commitment, people. We can only imagine he approaches women the same way.

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5. That hair!

He can wear it braided. He can wear it in a ponytail. He can wear it shoulder length and messy. It doesn’t really matter. We still want to touch those tousled locks. There is something about a guy that can pull off long hair that makes him infinitely more attractive.

6. His smolder

Don’t mind us, we’re just drowning in that intense gaze of his. He oozes of bad boy in that I-could-protect-you-from-anything kind of way. Sigh.

Sadly, Momoa won’t be returning to Game of Thrones anytime soon. But, for those of you who need the fix, there are definitely places to find him coming soon. Momoa is confirmed as Aquaman for the sure-to-be blockbuster Batman v Superman. The actor also landed his own film in the Justice League universe as the water-manipulating superhero.

Watch Momoa’s audition tape below.

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