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Ryan Reynolds’ baby name ideas are completely ridiculous

Ryan Reynolds is crazy happy to be expecting his first child, but his baby name ideas are just as equally over-the-top nutty.

The Green Lantern star spoke with the Canadian show etalk while he received his star at Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto over the weekend and was happy to open up about his little one’s future name. Apparently, Reynolds has not only been thinking about baby names, but the actor has actually been getting a bit odd and peculiar with the baby-name game.

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“On the plane over here I was trying to think of baby names,” Reynolds said. “I don’t want a name that’s anything pretentious or, like Hollywood-y. So, I’m going with Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds…. that’s if it’s a girl.”

If you think that’s straight from bizarro world, wait until you learn what Reynolds will name his kid if it is a boy. As an admitted fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the creative thespian joked (or at least we hope it was a joke), that his pick for a baby boy name would be “Bruce Jenner.”

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Somehow, we don’t believe his pregnant wife Blake Lively would go for either of those names, and hopefully she has some better ideas for what to call her firstborn baby.

It’s good to know, however, that Lively thinks Reynolds is definitely going to be an awesome dad and so far he has been an amazing husband.

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“He’s always been good to me,” Lively said on Thursday. “You want to be able to complain about your husband and be that person, but he takes pretty good care of me.”

Lively announced her pregnancy earlier this month and is reportedly into her second trimester already.

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