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Look out, Mr. President! Sharknado 3 is comin’ for you

It’s official: Sharknado 3 is heading to TV screens in 2015 and this time it’s not just taking on one city, but two.

If you loved the first two installments of Syfy’s shark-infested TV movies, then you’ve got a lot to look forward to next year. It looks like sending twisters full of sharks to both Los Angeles and New York was simply not enough for the network and they’ve got even more shark-infested insanity to come.

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Here’s a little more info about the movie from Syfy:

Coming in summer 2015, the entire Eastern Seaboard will be devoured by flying sharks when the new original movie Sharknado 3 premieres. Starting in Washington, D.C., and moving down to Orlando, Florida, no seaboard city below our nation’s capital is safe.

Yep, you read that right. Sharknadoes will show up in the nation’s capital to wreak havoc and then make their way down to Orlando. The amount of possibilities that these locations pose is boggling to the mind. Will we see sharks flying into the Lincoln Memorial or (gasp!) the White House? The first two films proved that those pesky sharks don’t seem to care who they eat when they get flung out of the twister, so it’s quite possible that the president could be on the run in the new flick.

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Then there’s Orlando, also known as the City Beautiful. Something tells us the city will have to change its official slogan after a few sharknadoes come twisting into town. There are quite a few amusement parks in the city; does that mean we’re going to see sharks invading Disney World? If so, then we’re putting in our vote to see a shark end up in the Finding Nemo ride. Imagine sitting there and seeing a real shark come swimming by.

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How excited are you to see Sharknado 3 next summer?

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