Taylor Swift’s Australian interview: 7 Awkward moments

We’re not here to dis Taylor Swift. She’s cute, talented and on top of her game. Still, in interviews she continues to deliver awkward moments that would suggest she may be just a wee bit clueless and/or out of touch. Here are a few gems from her recent interview with Australian radio station 2DayFM.

“Ed is one of the first people I play it for”

It’s evident the DJ is trying to get Swift to reveal some gritty behind-the-scenes dirt on her studio process when he asks who listens to her music when it’s in the formative stages. He’s probably looking for the real stuff like, “You know, my bandmate from high school,” or “My mom” or “My grandpa.” Instead, she says she runs her early work past Ed Sheeran and her friend Lorde (who Swift calls Ella because they’re tight like that). Also, we should all know that “Ed” is “obsessed” with a song called “Bad Blood.”

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“You are so gorgeous it’s hard to talk to you”

Tay Tay says this to the DJ when he tells her she’s the super human we’d send to the aliens to give them the best representation of the human race. She follows it up with, “You’ve got the cheekbones. I don’t have the cheekbones.”

Can you name the pop star Taylor Swift sings about in “Out of the Woods”?

“I’m kind of a shut-in, and I just watch TV with my cats all the time”

This is Swift’s idea of a wild imperfection, something the DJ is trying to get out of her, so she seems less perfect. When the interviewer asks if she’s going to be a crazy cat lady, she says, “No, I’m going to keep it cute.” Yeah, there isn’t really anything cute about a young hot girl locked in her house with her cats.

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“Brain development is not speeding up”

Geez, talk about hand delivering a sound bite to your critics. Swift says she’d like to learn Spanish and French, but she’s 25, and her brain development isn’t speeding up. Is it wrong to say we’re starting to piece that together on our own?

“Frankly, I think that’s a very sexist angle to take”

Swift thinks it’s sexist that people point out that she writes songs about her ex-boyfriends because no one is saying that about Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars. Is it sexist? Or is it that no one knows or cares who Sheeran or Mars has dated, and Swift has dated — almost exclusively — high-profile celebrity bachelors? It’s not what she’s writing about that has people intrigued, it’s who she’s writing about. When they hear a Swift song, fans want to know if it was Harry Styles or John Mayer who acted like a jerk. We’d be naive to think that Swift doesn’t know this and hasn’t manipulated it. Now that she’s sick of hearing it, does she get to play the sexist card?

“I think she has good judgment”

Oh, that’s just precious! Swift thinks bestie Selena Gomez has good judgment. We all need friends like that, don’t we? Friends who support us even when we act in a way that would indicate we have the antithesis of good judgment. If you think we’re being hard on Gomez for questioning her judgment, we have two words for you: Justin. Bieber.

“Amongst my other phobias, is arachnophobia”

OK, did Swift just throw out there, for public consumption, that she is a cat lady with several phobias? Talk about digging a hole for yourself.

Swift is a doll, and we’re sure she’ll figure this interview thing out one of these days. Here is the 2DayFM interview in its entirety.



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