ANTM eliminee Denzel knows who will win

What really happened behind the scenes when the cameras weren’t around? America’s Next Top Model‘s Denzel Wells opens up after his recent elimination.

As the first person to ever get a “beard weave” on ANTM, Denzel had to struggle to work past the unusual facial hair. There was also the matter of him and a certain other contestant starting up a relationship in the house. Was Mirjana really the distraction to Denzel that she seemed to be? Denzel opens up about what fans didn’t get to see behind the scenes.

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SheKnows: What surprised you most while watching this week’s episode? Was it the return of an eliminee? Why/why not?

Denzel Wells: No, it wasn’t the return of the eliminee. I knew that was about to happen. What surprised me most was that this episode was made and edited to look like Mirjana being upset with me threw me off my game and that I couldn’t focus, which wasn’t the case. Anyone who knows me or that has ever met me knows that something as juvenile as an argument wouldn’t throw me off my game.

SK: How were things in the house before you left?

DW: Despite what was depicted, things were pretty harmonious in the house prior to my elimination.

SK: What’s one thing viewers didn’t see that happened behind the scenes that you’ll never forget or that you wish they would have aired on the show?

DW: One thing I wish should’ve been aired but wasn’t would have to be the entire conversation between Keith and myself, not just a 30-second snippet of the tail end of our conversation, as well as the full exchange between Will and myself after he overheard said conversation.

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SK: Are you surprised you got eliminated? What would you have done differently?

DW: No. I’m definitely not surprised I was eliminated. I didn’t book a runway show and went into panel with the lowest challenge score. I knew what was coming next. I would not have done anything different. It happened exactly how it was supposed to happen.

SK: Who on the show will you continue to keep in touch with and why?

DW: I actually still keep in touch with almost everyone from the show. Mirjana and Will, most notably. Keith, Shei, Raelia, Adam, Ben and, of course, my boy Matt.

SK: Who do you predict will win? Who do you WANT to win?

DW: I predict Keith will win. I want Adam, Keith or Will to win. Twenty seasons, it’s about high time a male finally won this competition. After all, isn’t that what Tyra got on her soapbox about — no discrimination?

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