8 Things to know about Bruce Jenner’s new gal, Ronda Kamihira

Bruce Jenner and his wife of 22 years, Kris Jenner, decided to officially end their marriage just last month. Apparently the former Olympic athlete has already found love again, although his choice of woman is making his ex-wife very upset.

Bruce is reportedly dating Kris Jenner’s longtime friend, Ronda Kamihira, People reports.

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So, who is the new lady in Bruce’s life, and what do we know about her?

1. Kris and Ronda were friends for over two decades

Ms. Kamihira was not only Kris Jenner’s BFF for more than 20 years, she’s also her former assistant.

2. Their kids grew up together

A source revealed to People magazine that Kamihira’s children grew up with Kendall and Kylie, and they are good friends — there’s also a few cute pics of them on Instagram.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are friends with Bruce's rumored new girlfriends daughters

Photo credit: Ronda Kamihira/Instagram

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3. Unlike Kris, Ronda doesn’t post loads of photos of herself on Instagram…

Kamihira bears a striking resemblance to Kris Jenner, with her dark skin, dark cropped hair and pretty features — we’ll say Bruce definitely has a type. Just look at this shot of Kamihira in “Magic Mexico,” as she captioned it. However, unlike Kris, it’s rare that Miss Ronda posts any pictures of herself at all to social media.Bruce Jenner's rumored new girlfriend looks like Kris Jenner

Photo credit: Ronda Kamihira/Instagram

4. …Unless they’re of golf

She’s a woman who loves golf, and this is a major plus for Bruce. Does this mean that after the split, Kamihira was out having golf escapades with her best friend’s ex-husband, consoling him and trying to mend his broken heart? How thoughtful!

Ronda Kamihari loves golf

Photo credit: Ronda Kamihira/Instagram

5. She’s a dog lover

If you take one look at Kamihira’s Instagram page, you will see plenty of pictures of an adorable little white pooch. Awww!

Bruce Jenner's rumored new girlfriend is a dog love

Photo credit: Ronda Kamihira/Instagram

6. She’s not a vegan

OK, we’re verging on becoming stalkers. But judging from this picture of Kamihira’s breakfast feast of eggs benedict (which her daughters made for her), she ain’t no vegan.

Kamihira captioned the pic, “Thank you @spencerjohnson and @maddyjohnsonn for the delicious eggs Benedict #breakfast in bed #bestdaughtersever #littlechefs !!! Love you”

Ronda Kamihira is not a vegan

Photo credit: Ronda Kamihira/Instagram

 7. She’s been on vacation to Mexico with Kris

The pair have even enjoyed a holiday together, and according to People, they jetted off to the Punta Mita compound owned by the Kardashians’ family friend Joe Francis (the very same private retreat Kim Kardashian is always taking selfies from).

8. She is the mystery woman

Kamihira was the mystery woman spotted with Bruce, his son Brandon and his daughter-in-law Leah at the Elton John concert in Los Angeles.

So there you have it. Things between Kris and Bruce have been really amicable so far, but apparently, the Kardashian momager is completely heartbroken at the news that her ex-husband is dating her bestie.

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Kris is devastated,” a source told People. “This was her former assistant and best friend of 20 years.” The source added that Kris “is just shocked” by the news. “She’s so sad and completely heartbroken.”

So how is Kris dealing with this news? Judging by her Twitter account, she’s enjoying some retail therapy!


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