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Iggy Azalea puts someone on blast on Twitter, Hint: It’s not Snoop Dogg

Iggy Azalea has been stealing all the headlines recently for her feud with a paparazzo and with rapper Snoop Dogg, but her social media rants haven’t ended yet because someone else has seriously pissed off the Australian star.

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The “Booty” rapper looks smoking hot on the cover of Maxim Australia’s November issue, but there’s just one thing wrong with her being the magazine’s cover girl: She had no idea the cover was happening, and it happened without her permission!

The picture Maxim Australia used on its cover was allegedly an old one from a photo shoot for Complex magazine three years ago. Azalea took to Twitter on Thursday to blast her Australian label for not informing her about the cover and using her images without permission. Dayum!

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In a series of angry tweets, which now look to be deleted, Azalea explained that she has been trying to contact her label about the issue, but it has ignored her. In a bid to get her point across, she decided to go public with her grievances.

“Im going to publicly say something to the australian (sic) division of my record label right now because my message seems to be ignored privately,” Azalea’s tweets began.

Another tweet read, “stop giving permission on my behalf for magazines to purchase images of me that have already been printed in major publications for covers.”

Azalea also wrote, “australian (sic) label, i love you guys but you allowed my image to be sold to cosmo Aus (sic) when i told you i would prefer for that not to happen.”

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“and now this morning i see you’ve allowed maxim australia (sic) to buy an image from a 2011 complex  (sic) mag shoot and put it on the cover,” she continued. “i think its awesome anyone would want me on the cover of a magazine, but theres (sic) a right way to make that happen and the australian (sic) label.”

“clearly aren’t respecting my wishes (sic). a magazine cover deserves an accompanying photoshoot (sic) not a reused image,” Azalea tweeted.

“maxim australia (sic) , thanks for the love and I’m sorry no one asked me. i would have love to have given an interview & done a shoot with u guys.”

Maxim Australia shared its views on the subject, too.

Tell us: Was Iggy Azalea right to publicly blast her Australian label?

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