Which men would James Marsden rather "Marry, Shag, Kill?" (VIDEO)

Oct 17, 2014 at 10:08 a.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

James Marsden's appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday was extra special because callers got to phone in and ask him (and Minnie Driver) bizarre questions — such as who he would rather "Marry, Shag, Kill."

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However, this particular question had a twist, an all-male twist to be exact!

"If you were gay, who would you shag, who would you kill and who would you marry?" the caller asked. And who did the Superman Returns actor get to choose from? Host Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris. (Sure, that wasn't awkward at all for Cohen!)

Marsden was keen to play the game, telling Cohen, "I only want to do two of them to you."

So which man would he like to chop out of the equation?

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"He's a wonderful human being, but I would kill Neil Patrick Harris. He's a talented, wonderful guy, but I have to choose someone, right? So you're gonna lose someone," he explained.

"And I think that I would marry Anderson, which means I'd shag you," the actor told Cohen.

But the game question was not the only one callers wanted Marsden to answer. He also was asked about his most embarrassing moment, and it's not pretty!

It happened on The Box, a 2009 thriller film in which he starred alongside Cameron Diaz.

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"There's a scene with Cameron Diaz and I, where we're lying in bed face to face. It's not an intimate scene — I mean, it's an intimate talk scene, but it's not a sexual scene," he explained. "I got terribly ill, had to go to the bathroom and throw up, and had to go back. And I said, 'Let's do this another time.' And Cameron was like, 'No, no, no, it's fine. Let's do it.' She was game. But I was embarrassed. I brushed my teeth, did the whole thing; she said, 'Let's do it.' But I was like breathing on her with vomit breath."

Poor Diaz. We bet she wishes she had waited until the next day!

Watch James Marsden on Watch What Happens Live below.