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Bad Judge review: A little personal growth goes a long way

After watching the third episode of Bad Judge, titled “One Brave Waitress,” I’ve decided that I still agree with my first impression of the show.

Bad Judge review: Naughty girls just want to have fun

While it’s true that I had a blast watching the first episode of this series, I had no clue how I would feel three weeks in. Once I’d gotten over the novelty of seeing Kate Walsh act naughty, drive that wacky van and sleep around with witnesses in her courtroom, would I still enjoy it?

The answer is yes.

In fact, I find that I’m enjoying this show even more than I did in the beginning. The third episode brought Rebecca to a new place in her life. She actually showed some growth and it was a good thing to see. What I liked about Rebecca from the beginning was how she managed to rule her courtroom, even if her personal life was kind of in shambles.

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But in this episode, we saw her take more control of her life and confront those issues that she had been avoiding. Thanks to Tedward’s encouragement, she realized that she was avoiding hurting people’s feelings and by doing so, she was also avoiding confrontation. It was quite a revelation considering all she does in her courtroom is confront people. These despicable people, people who make others afraid to testify, are shot down like they are nothing. But a nice guy who just wants to ask her out on a date? She runs away like a scared little girl.

So it was nice to discover that it wasn’t fear guiding Rebecca’s actions with Billy, nor cold-heartedness. She just didn’t want to hurt the poor guy by telling him that they simply had nothing in common and he was really only good as eye candy and a boy toy. I loved that when she finally got up the nerve to tell him the truth, she found out it wasn’t that bad after all and that Billy basically felt the same way about her.

She’s also getting a new car to replace her van. Now, I personally loved that van but I do think that getting a different, perhaps more professional, vehicle will be good for her. Though I don’t want Rebecca to change completely, I do like watching her take baby steps toward making her life better.

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My favorite bits:

Rebecca’s orange knee socks. I want a pair of those so badly now.

Tedward reassuring Rebecca that she wasn’t too nice.

Rebecca taking Tom and Tedward to a parallel universe so that Tom could talk about his case.

Rebecca’s imitation of an eagle.

Rebecca having no idea what the stenographer’s name was. Oops.

Judy making the elevator ride awkward. Twice.

Rebecca using her lesson with Billy on Chad. That was awesome.

What are your thoughts on Bad Judge after watching the first three episodes?

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