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Disney has a new movie and we’re freaking out over its main character

We’re all super excited to see the new Disney animated film, Big Hero 6. But now that we’ve seen the adorable trailer for the short film, Feast, which will play ahead of the feature, we’ll make sure to get to the theater early so we don’t miss it!

Meet Winston. He’s the doggy star of a new animated short from Disney called Feast. Clearly, Winston loves to eat, because that’s practically all he does in the film’s trailer. Doesn’t this pooch know he’s not supposed to eat people food, no matter how good it tastes?

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Winston is first tantalized by a frenchfry — who isn’t, right? He sees the lonely fried spud under the dinner table at what is most likely a restaurant. Then, a man in black sneakers gives him another french fry and spoils him even further with a little scratch under the chin.

Next, we see quick shots of Winston being fed spaghetti on top of his dog food and, if that’s not enough human cuisine for one mutt, he’s fed pizza, nachos, more pizza and then sliced ham, all before eating more pasta. Just before he’s about to get a massive bout of indigestion, something green catches Winston’s eye.

Is the green leafy thing a sprig of parsley, perhaps? Maybe a stem of cilantro? Whatever it is, Winston changes gears and doesn’t eat it. Instead, he carefully carries it in his mouth and races out of the restaurant where he’s been pigging out.

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Whatever the green twig is, it seems to hold the key to Winston’s happiness and helps him stop bingeing on Italian food.

Feast was created by the same animators who did 2012’s Paperman, which was the first animated short film produced by Disney Animation Studios to win an Academy Award since 1970.

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Big Hero 6, along with Feast, opens in theaters Nov. 7.

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