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7 Reasons Jennifer Lopez shouldn’t feel ashamed about her love life

Jennifer Lopez has been involved in some very high-profile relationships and she’s been divorced three times, but she’s not making any apologies for her love life, and why should she?

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Speaking to British newspaper, the Mirror, Lopez opened up about her love life, saying, “My friends are constantly trying to set me up but I’m just not there right now. It’s not something that’s a priority. I have gone from relationship to relationship but, at the end of the day, I am not ashamed of the path I have taken or the lessons I have learned.

“I do what feels right in the moment. And right now it feels good to just be on my own and have some ‘I love Jennifer’ time, which I haven’t done a lot in my life,” she explained.

Here are the reasons why Jennifer Lopez shouldn’t ever be made to feel ashamed:

1. We all want to be loved

We all want to be loved and Lopez is no different, and as she explained to the Mirror, “I am who I am and I am human.”

2. She’s brave

It takes courage to walk away from a marriage and, even though Lopez has had her heart smashed into a million tiny pieces before, she’s strong enough to put it back together again and not give up on love. And for that, we applaud her.

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3. She doesn’t settle for second best

Lopez doesn’t stay in a relationship just because it’s convenient and she’s not willing to sacrifice her happiness. Divorce is a traumatic ordeal and no one wants to go through it once, least of all three times, but it takes an independent, self-confident woman to be able to extricate herself from an unhappy marriage. She wants more and she deserves it — we all do!

4. She’s happy on her own

As the “Booty” singer explained in her recent interview with the Mirror, dating right now is not a priority and she’s enjoying being single and having “Jennifer time.” Lopez doesn’t care if she’s alone and she realizes that she has friends and family who love her and, most importantly, she loves herself.

5. She’s focused on being a good mom

Lopez revealed to the Mirror that her twins, Max and Emme, are her main priority in her life right now and she does her very best to make sure that they feel loved.

“I am just spending time with myself and my kids. I still believe in love, of course, but the thing you think about most is who is good enough to come into the life of me and the kids?” she explained to the publication. “You just want the kids to know they are loved, that’s the most important thing. Being a mother is my number one priority.”

6. She can have unlimited girl time

Jennifer Lopez has plenty of girlfriends in her life and, now that she’s single, she can do whatever she wants, stay out with friends until 2 a.m. and hit exotic beach destinations without feeling guilty about checking in with anyone first.

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7. She doesn’t have to deal with in-laws

OK, it’s not really a reason to not feel ashamed, and we’re not saying that all in-laws are super annoying… but let’s face it, most are! But the The Back-up Plan actress doesn’t have to hang out with any of hers. She only has one family and, therefore, limited family drama.

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