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Emma Stone lies to Jimmy Fallon and fails epically (VIDEO)

Emma Stone proved that she should never play poker with Jimmy Fallon. Girl can’t keep a straight face to save her life during the Box of Lies game on The Tonight Show.

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The game is simple enough: Fallon and Stone take turns picking a box from a shelf. They are separated by a barrier so they can only see each other’s faces. After a box is chosen, they open it and see what’s inside, showing the contents to the audience as well. Stone and Fallon then either decide to lie to the other about the contents of the box or tell the truth. If the person can guess correctly whether the other is lying or not, they get a point. The first to two points wins.

The best part is that the boxes are filled with the strangest items. Stone picks the first and it’s a copy of a Frozen DVD frozen within a block of ice. Fallon picks next and gets a fake hand wearing a watch. And on and on the game goes.

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With her perfectly wide eyes and uncertain expression, Stone tries to lie, though she admits before the game begins, “I love to lip-sync but I’m a terrible liar.”

Stone previously appeared on Fallon’s show in a fierce lip-syncing competition in which she killed it.

At first, it’s easy to brush off Stone’s comments about being a bad liar as her just trying to be a good sport and have fun. But, trust us, she really isn’t kidding. It’s surprising, since she’s such a killer actress, but her wide eyes and innocent charm do her in every time.

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Needless to say, the game doesn’t last long at all. Even with the audience’s help, Fallon can tell Stone is lying. Fallon quickly beats Stone and does a nice little victory lap around the stage.

Trust us, Stone’s expressions make this video well worth the watch.

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