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B-boys Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon have their own secret language (VIDEO)

Brad Pitt and jimmy Fallon did the next best thing to having a sit-down interview in the studio: they had a break-dance conversation.

Due to a screening of Fury in Washington, D.C., Pitt could not make it to the Tonight Show on Wednesday night, so he and Fallon got together earlier for a break dance showdown. Instead of having a regular interview conversation, the versatile pair had some fierce dialogue through a series of cool dance moves.

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To begin, we see Fallon turning on a boom box in the 30 Rock building and start to do some impressive moves to the music. When he’s done, we see Pitt in the distance coming closer doing a series of back handsprings.

Then, as the two try to one-up each other, they keep communicating through their spectacular moves, “Brad?” Fallon “says.” And Pitt answers with another hand spinning move, “Hey, Jimmy! How’s it going?”

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The two go on exchanging comments. “By the way,” Fallon says, “congrats on your new movie Fury.” And with a spin, a flick of the head and a smirk, Brad replies, “Thanks!” Then, after a wall flip and a tiny jump, Brad adds, “If you don’t see it, I’ll be furious.”

After some laughs, more spins, backflips, handstands and turns, Pitt comes up with an idea. “Hey man, this may sound a little crazy but… Do you want to do a double break dance?”

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Of course, Fallon answers, “Hell yes!” So the awesome duo goes at it for a joint break dance that would put any pro break-dancer to shame.

Check out the entire hilarious clip below.

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