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Amanda Bynes’ future is now in the hands of one judge

Amanda Bynes could be bound for more treatment, which it appears she desperately needs.

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TMZ reported today that the actress, who was placed under a 72-hour psychiatric hold late last week, could be put under a strict new conservatorship if it’s what a judge decides is best for her. Under this conservatorship’s rules, Bynes could be involuntarily confined and medicated for up to a year.

An involuntary LPS hold of this nature is only for people who are “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder or impairment by chronic alcoholism,” according to TMZ. Bynes’ prior conservatorship had her living with her parents, but this one is much stricter — it would keep her confined to a hospital or another “secure facility” where she can be medicated, even if she doesn’t consent to drugs. According to TMZ, her parents could not legally medicate or confine Bynes against her will under the previous conservatorship.

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Bynes’ first LPS hold expired just last month. This would be her second. It can’t be officially requested that the judge order it until Bynes has been “fully diagnosed,” but that’s expected to happen sometime this week.

Bynes is obviously a very troubled person and has been for some time. Her bizarre and erratic behavior has put her and others in danger — in the last two weeks alone, she’s been arrested for a DUI, has been observed talking to herself in public, has been expelled from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, has been busted for shoplifting and has been accused of attacking a fan in a nightclub. Her parents, who admitted they are unable to control her, issued a statement asking the public to steer clear of Bynes if they see her and saying they are worried something tragic could happen to their daughter or those around her.

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We only hope this is the solution to getting Bynes the help she clearly needs.

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