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RHONJ‘s Joe Giudice has more jail time hanging over his head

Joe Giudice can’t seem to stay out of hot water. It looks like The Real Housewives of New Jersey star will be behind bars for longer than 41 months.

He was sentenced earlier this month for mail, wire, bank and bankruptcy fraud along with making false statements on loan applications and failing to file his taxes. However, he’s also battling an older legal case for using his brother’s I.D. to procure a new New Jersey driver’s license after his was suspended due to a DUI.

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According the The Wrap, Giudice rejected a plea deal to serve his state fraud charges for 18 months concurrently with the federal fraud case with no additional jail time. Judge Adam Jacobs warned him after he had changed his mind at the last minute.

The judge stated, “You’re making a momentous decision. There’s no going back after this.”

That ominous moment from the judge led the reality star to reconsider the plea deal. The court is reconvening later today to get Giudice’s final decision. If he goes to trial, he runs the risk of an additional 10 years in prison. The plea deal was a much better offer.

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The stress is obviously getting to the father of four, who is set to begin his prison sentence in 2015 after his wife, Teresa Giudice, finishes her 15 months in jail. Outside the courtroom he yelled at photographers, “If you don’t get out of my face, I’m gonna kick every one of youse in the head.”

Other than their recent sit-down interview with Andy Cohen on Bravo TV, that is the only statement the troubled TV personality has made publicly.

Let’s hope someone kicks some sense into Giudice to take the plea deal.

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