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5 Reasons Rob Pattinson’s new love leaves Kristen Stewart in the dust

Robert Pattinson seems to have landed himself another serious girlfriend, and she seems way better for him than Kristen Stewart could ever hope to be.

After only two months of dating FKA twigs, Pattinson is supposedly really “smitten” with the adorable British singer and appears to be seriously in love, according to People magazine. After the Twilight hunk’s anguish-filled years with ex Stewart, we really think that twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Barnett, is just that much better for him.

Get to know Robert Pattinson’s rumored new GF, FKA twigs

Here are five reasons why we think twigs blows Stewart way out of the water, and is a far better match for the hunky actor.

twigs is way friendlier. The half-Jamaican, half-Spanish rising star is so much friendlier to fans both online and offline as well as to eager photographers. She has a much sweeter disposition and does not make your hair stand on end when giving interviews.

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She makes him smile. Spotted on a recent shopping trip together, Pattinson and twigs were constantly smiling and laughing as they tried different outfits on. “They were trying things on, making suggestions to one another, and he seemed to be really having a good time,” an onlooker told People. This is a far cry from Pattinson’s appearances with Stewart, where both always sported mega-pouts on their faces and looked like someone died on a continuous basis.

She makes him feel relaxed. Every time RPatz and twigs are seen together, he seems very relaxed and comfortable with her. They were recently spotted in Paris walking hand in hand looking très snug and cozy with each other. “They’re very cute together,” another insider added.

Promising picks for Robert Pattinson’s rebound chick

She sings. Pattinson loves him some music. So, ’nuff said on this one.

She’s classy. No matter how hard Stewart tried, she just never seemed to pull the classy look together. Blame it on her perpetual grumpiness if you will, but the girl just lacks refinement, even while in the prettiest red carpet looks.

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