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Michelle Obama gets turnt up for turnips (VIDEO)

Breaking news: Michelle Obama is totally a fan of Lil’ Jon! And turnips.

The First Lady is helping answer that age-old question: What should one ever turn down for? Answer: Nothing.

People are hating on this #TURNDOWNFORWHAT video that we love

However, as far as what makes her get turnt up, she has a very compelling answer: Healthy food, of course.

Professional President Obama impersonator Iman Crosson asked the first lady via Vine about her turn up and down habits.

Bill Murray gets down to “Turn Down for What”

The pseudo-prez never imagined that the FLOTUS would answer, but she did — and it’s adorable.

See Michelle Obama’s Funny or Die cameo

Michelle Obama is now officially either the coolest or the most embarrassing mom in the country. We can just see Sasha and Malia rolling their eyes now.

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