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Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson gets her big break (VIDEO)

Even though “Out of The Woods” tells a different story, Taylor Swift has already confessed that she won’t be singing songs about heartbreak anytime soon. So what does TSwift turn into without any romance in her life? Apparently, one really crazy cat lady — at least in her new TV advert for Diet Coke, that is.

Taylor Swift forgives her cat for Met Gala gown attack

During the 30-second teaser, which was uploaded to Diet Coke’s YouTube account on Wednesday, Oct. 15, the country-turned-pop darling is seen playing around with a kitten on a sofa as she drinks a bottle of Diet Coke. It’s just, you know, another average day in the life of Taylor Swift. But something happens when she takes a sip of her drink. With each and every gulp, more and more cats appear in her crib until her sunny city apartment is covered with so many felines that you can’t even see the floor.

Among the sea of cats that are featured in the spot is Swift’s very own kitten Olivia Benson. Earlier this week, Swift made headlines for her interview on The Graham Norton Show when comedian John Cleese took a few playful jabs at Olivia. Yes, a comedian attacked Swift’s cat and she was a tad bit upset about it.

If you’re really not that interested in Swift’s cat obsession, then you might want to at least check out the advertisement for the music. The spot features a yet to be released track off the singer’s upcoming album, 1989, which is set to hit stores on Oct. 27. Shortly after the upload, she took to Twitter to share the spot, which she describes as her “perfect world.”

John Cleese attacks the most important cat in America (VIDEO)

What do you think of TSwift’s new commercial? Take a look and sound off below.

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