Christina Aguilera back on The Voice, but what about Gwen Stefani?

Maybe Blake Shelton and Adam Levine were afraid of being out-prettied by Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. Maybe the blond ambition was just too much for NBC to handle.

Either way, both these ladies won’t be returning to Season 8 of The Voice.

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The Voice has always had one female coach to three male coaches, but the recent news that Stefani is out and Aguilera is back in after a two-season break has us wondering: What gives?

Especially considering that Pharrell Williams will be returning along with Levine and Shelton.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Stefani has decided to leave the show of her own accord, but without a comment from her or the show’s producers as of now, we’re only left to wonder. And that wondering has led us to a bigger thought: It’s time for the women to at least be represented equally as judges on the show. Why is it that when it came down to filling the 2015 judges roster it had to be either Aguilera or Stefani? Why couldn’t the other three be considered on the chopping block, as well?

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Sure, so far, Season 7 hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Stefani. She did, in fact, admit to forgetting Shelton’s name at one point. But we had the opportunity to interview Stefani with the other three judges before the Season 7 premiere and she really sold us with her outlook on the competition and the way she could hack it with the boys while still portraying herself in a feminine and classy way.

On the flip side, the seasons with Christina Aguilera as a judge were also amazing. The girl has some serious pipes and definitely brought some solid experience to her team.

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Let’s be real: We don’t envy the people who had to make the decision to narrow down five of these singing heavyweights to only four. But we do think it’s time for the show to throw out its obvious gender guidelines completely and go with a new model for the new seasons.

Which coach do you think should leave the show for Season 8?


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