Kristen Bell shaved Dax Shepard’s butt: We have all the cringeworthy deets

Dax Shephard and his wife, Kristen Bell, are a closer couple than we’d ever, ever imagined.

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During a visit to Conan Monday night, Dax revealed the weird and gross way he prepped for his role in his upcoming movie, This Is Where I Leave You, which includes a scene in which the actor has to bare it all. And, it turns out, getting his backside ready to be front and center required a little, er, grooming — and Dax enlisted his wife to do the honors.

In the super cringeworthy video of the interview, Dax goes into all the hairy details about the landscape down there, and let’s just say we’ll never look at hills and valleys quite the same way.

“While I don’t have a lot of hair on the cheeks — they’re nice — you know, there’s an ample amount… there’s a forest in the valley,” Shepard said. “And my fear — my deep, deep fear — would [be to] look like there’s a werewolf trying to escape my butt crack.”

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Don’t worry. It gets weirder.

After talking about the regimen he used to cure himself of “tall white guy syndrome, where your back just goes into your legs” (squats and lunges) and, of course, Kristen’s tool of choice (an electric razor, “that you would trim your dog with,” according to Dax), the actor dished on what exactly went down while Kristen was clipping away.

“I don’t know why — I think she had some nervous energy going,” Dax said, “But while she was trimming it, she was humming…”

What song was she humming? Well, you’ll have to watch Dax’s “vulnerable and weird” video to find out.

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Would you let your significant other be a part of this kind of groom job? The comments are all yours. Watch the entire interview and tell us your take below.


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