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RHONJ‘s Teresa and Joe Giudice prepare for something other than prison

Wow, it’s been a rough year for Teresa and Joe Giudice.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars have presented a united front throughout their legal drama and trial, but it looks like the stress of it all is taking the ultimate toll on their marriage. As the two prepare themselves to head to jail, reports swirl that Teresa and Joe are also bracing themselves for a split, according to Radar Online.

Though fraud charges and threats of deportation would affect any union, sources say that it’s actually Joe’s blatant alcohol abuse in front of their young daughters that is making married life unbearable for Teresa.

“It’s really sad. Most nights Joe stays downstairs long after Teresa and the girls have gone to bed. He usually drinks a lot of wine and ends up passing out on the couch,” an inside source tells Radar Online. “When it first started happening, Teresa told him to at least make an effort to come upstairs before the girls get up in the morning. She didn’t want the girls to see their dad on the couch first thing.” As fans of the show know, Teresa is fiercely protective of her daughters and the source says, “If they didn’t have kids, Teresa would never have said anything.”

The source also says that Joe, who was sentenced to 41 months in prison for federal bank fraud charges, is not willing to honor his wife’s requests and doesn’t even sleep in the same room with Teresa anymore. “In recent months, he doesn’t even care what Teresa wants,” Radar’s insider claims. “He is beyond pretending that everything is fine behind closed doors. His feeling is, it’s his house for the time being and will sleep wherever he wants… the fact Joe chooses not to share a bed with Teresa speaks volumes about the state of their marriage.”

And as Teresa waits to serve her 15 months of hard time, the source knows one thing: The couple’s wedded bliss will not outlive Joe’s time in prison. The insider claims Teresa “will absolutely file for divorce from Joe once she is done serving her prison sentence.”

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